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Harry Ramble is ongoing, unresolved. He used to come in here sometimes; I ain’t seen him around. He’s a ringing telephone in a vacant apartment. He’s the root of the problem. He’s the wide band of static at the top of the dial. Listen. Listen closely. There. Do you hear that?

Harry is also a writer, editor, blogger, marketing pro, and author of two novels, THE END IS NEAR (2010) and SEX OFFENDER LIVES HERE (2008), both from Ebb Press (EbbPress.com).

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  1. Hi Harry,
    I read your piece on Hahne’s Department Store in Newark and I worked on the 4th floor between 1975 and 1981. It was one of my first jobs in Advertising and I do have many fond memories of the fourth floor! I wish I could go back and re-visit all those nooks. we had a sign shop in those days and before we moved it down to the fourth floor it was up a narrow staircase from the fourth floor leading up to a room where John made all the store signs on a press. I worked in a fairly large cubicle with huge high windows facing west and from the small ladies room also facing west where there was a clear window where I saw some pretty amazing sunsets before leaving for home. Newark was still in some kind of time warp those days because it never seemed so bad going to work there.

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