Sex Offender Limbo

For Pete Townsend, it could be worse. At least he isn’t living under a bridge.

On New Year’s Day, a Florida-based child abuse prevention group called Child called on the NFL to replace the featured musical act in its upcoming Super Bowl halftime show. That musical act, iconic ’60s classic rock band The Who, is led by Townsend, who was arrested by British police in 2003 on charges of possessing child pornography, later cleared of those charges by London’s Metropolitan Police, and eventually placed on the UK Violent and Sexual Offender Registry for five years as part of a formal police caution.

In making his request to the NFL, Child founder and CEO Evin Daly stated, “I’m a fan of the band, I grew up with The Who. Pete Townshend is the only issue, and the issue is that he’s a former registered sex offender. The issue is, it sends the wrong message to American families.”
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