Socialist Workers of the World Unite!

socialist-party-eugene-debsWe’re not much for political chatter here at the EZED, but sometimes we have to put on our Voting Hat and make our way to the polls.

The race for the governor’s office in New Jersey has been especially depressing this year, as the two major-party candidates have scarcely shown any interest in going the usual route—deploring ever-rising property taxes and promising to cut the state budget by rooting out “waste” and “greed,” while painting the other guy as a profligate spender. Instead, Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine has been running ads that feature thinly veiled references to his opponent’s obesity, while Republican Chris Christie has countered by stating emphatically that he is, in fact, fat, and that his fondness for doughnuts somehow links him more closely to the Average Joes of New Jersey.
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